Image of different diameters available with Teseo aluminum piping distribution systems

Innovation, customization, savings and durability.

Teseo Aluminum Piping is the next generation of distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other pressurized fluids. Applicable to any industrial sector, Teseo produces reduced air speed, increased flow rate and zero leaks. Guaranteed.

Image of different diameters available with Teseo aluminum piping distribution systems

Check consumption, allocate costs and monitor leakage level

VPInstruments offers a complete range of products for compressed air flow measurement and energy management solutions for compressed air

How much of your compressed air is actually on the job?




Pressure Drop


Air Leaks



Teseo’s aluminum piping solutions offer a tangible cost reduction in just 4 simple steps:

Teseo's customizable aluminum piping design optimizes costs and savings

Customizable pipework design optimizes costs and savings.



"Dual O-ring" seals completely eliminate air leaks.


Teseo's smooth aluminum piping and high-efficiency joints save energy

Smooth pipes and high-efficiency joints save energy.


Teseo's aluminum piping modularity and hot tapping reduces costs for system modifications

Modularity and hot tapping reduces costs for system modifications.


Teseo’s Featured Aluminum Piping Solutions

Image of Teseo's modular aluminum piping and Hollow Bar systemsThis patented solution is the result of years of research and experience installing thousands of aluminium profile distribution systems worldwide. Suitable for compressed air distribution lines and main line drops, it is easy and quick to assemble, symmetric, usable on all sides and easy to cut and bend. Competitively priced and quick mounting, Teseo modular piping is more convenient than traditional systems.

Image of Teseo's multifluid aluminum piping system.Teseo’s patented AP system is suitable for inert gases and fluids. By doubling the clamping brackets of every single joint and terminal of the system, the product can be used at a working pressure of up to 25 bar (360 psi). The increase of the working pressure enables the transportation of incompressible fluids, such as mineral and synthetic oil, cooling and lubricating fluids.

Image of Teseo's Workbench for Assembly built with our aluminum piping system.The Teseo WBA is specially equipped for pneumatic tool assembly work. It’s stout extruded aluminium frame supports an A.T.S. system rail on which a trolley runs freely with an air outlet and spring catch. One of the two upright supports is pressurized, acting as both a reservoir and a delivery tube. This simple bench frame represents a valid alternative to the complete bench, and is delivered partially assembled.

Image of the VP Flow Metres for use with Teseo aluminum piping.Reduction of compressed air and gas consumption starts with identifying savings potential. Our Energy Management Software, insertion and in-line flow meters couldn’t be easier to use or install. We’ll show you where, when and how much you can save on both the supply and demand sides. Reveal the true costs of your compressed air, nitrogen and technical gases.

Where do you save when you install a Teseo system?

Air Leaks


Air Treatment


Modification Downtime




Low Flow Rate


High Pressure Drops


Turn-Key Project Management

We can carry out every aspect of a project from analysis, planning, design, supply and installation to after-care and advice on maintenance of a compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum or inert gas system.

Image of a Teseo Custom Installer conducting a compressed air system audit and aluminum piping Installation

Free On-Site Audits

Is your compressed air pipework system leaking money? Too many businesses rely on outdated, inefficient pipes and fittings which force compressors to work harder to meet the task. Take advantage of our no-obligation offer to survey your current system and we’ll show how Teseo can help.

Design and System Optimization

We support our customers through the design and sizing of air lines, and the development of customized solutions for machines and production lines.

Installation and Training

Easy and quick to assemble, with no special tools required. Teseo pipework and fittings can be assembled without special skills, and all our products come with easy installation manuals. We also offer on-site training and commissioning through our trained engineers, providing support and supervision to End-users, Consultants M&E Contractors and our Nationwide distribution network.

Teseo is proud to offer the longest product assurance available in the manufacturing pipework business sector.

Image promoting the Teseo aluminum piping aystem 20 Year warranty

Our 20-year warranty is more than twice as long as our competitors and clear evidence of the quality!

Take control of your industrial gas and liquid consumption with Teseo.

The Teseo modular aluminium pipework system is simply the best solution for the delivery transfer of compressed air, inert gases, fluids and vacuums. Featuring smooth bore, lightweight aluminium extrusions, Teseo customers experience increased flow and lower pressure drop.

A comprehensive range of connectors and adaptors makes the Teseo system the most versatile for fast and efficient installation and subsequent alterations without major down-time. System assembly does not require any threading, welding or painting and the four flat surfaces of the pipework enables easy and safe fixing. Perfect Dual O-ring sealing eliminates air leaks reducing wasteful energy costs.

Teseo has been at the forefront of modular aluminium pipework systems since 1988 with thousands of installations performing effectively for nearly 30 years.

Is Teseo AP more expensive?

Teseo Aluminum Piping costs more than others piping products if you look only at the price of the pipe, but our extruded profiles are both a pipe and a structural extrusion with high precision and strict quality check. If you compare a turnkey project with labour included, you’ll realize that we are more than competitive.

Why aren't Teseo pipes blue?

Because we don’t want to use paints on our profiles. We avoid chemicals and want to keep our products “green”. However, stickers to identify the fluids running in the bars are available. Incidentally, colour coding for air pipes is not unified (in Germany they are grey!).

Is Teseo piping difficult to install?

Quite the opposite! The only tools needed are a deburring tool and an Allen key. No specialized workers, no welding and no threading. The new Teseo AP line is even quicker and easier to install, like “Lego” blocks.

Compressed Air and Liquids are Expensive : Don't Waste Them

Let our trained Custom Installers show you just how much Teseo aluminum piping can save on your bottom line.

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