Teseo's mission is airtight.

We eat, sleep and breathe to save customers money with our leak-free, high flow compressed air delivery solutions.

The Teseo management team stands behind every pipe, joint and seal.

Louis Robitaille

Louis Robitaille

President, Market Development

In 2009, Mr. Robitaille unveiled Teseo’s cutting edge aluminum piping to the Canadian market. His passion for high performance piping of liquids, compressed air and pneumatic systems stems from more than 20 years experience in evaluating compressed air costs and audits.

As President of the family-owned company Compressors Robitaille, founded by his father, Louis was raised in the compressed air market. This, combined with his degree in Administration and Marketing from the Cégep de Sherbrooke, has given him a solid understanding of good management and the need for innovation to serve and satisfy a growing clientele.

Daniel Dallaire

Daniel Dallaire

Commercial Sales Director

Since 2012, Mr. Dallaire has combined his sales expertise with Teseo pioneering to successfully reduce the cost of air compression and multi-fluid piping systems for hundreds of clients from a wide range of industries.

With over 30 years experience in customer service, Daniel has dedicated his career to creating specialized solutions in the field of industrial and commercial compressors. Using Teseo’s superior leakage detection and compressed air consumption evaluation tools, his passion for energy efficiency has led the way for our clients to a greener, cleaner and modular method of producing compressed air.


Teseo is the international authority on modular aluminum piping systems, perfectly designed for the distribution of compressed air and process gases.


Founded in 1988, Teseo instantly gained worldwide attention for the innovation and creativity of its products. We’ve developed and patented cutting-edge solutions and technology ever since.

Today our unique piping is recognized around the world as the most energy efficient distribution of fluid energy, compressed air and vacuum.

We provide customized, ideal solutions for any operation: from the smallest laboratory to the largest industry, such as automobile, textile and machine builders.

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Teseo Distributors and Resellers

We are proud of our Canadian Custom Installer network. Teseo Canada carefully selects pneumatic specialists and piping experts that are regional leaders in their field, and offers them full technical and commercial training to become custom installers and dealers of Teseo products.

We have a Custom Solution for you.

Whatever your pipework requirements, our experienced team of custom installers will design, supply and install a high performance modular aluminium system as a cost effective, specialized solution for you.

Teseo Aluminum Piping is the next generation of distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other pressurized fluids. Applicable to any industrial sector, Teseo produces reduced air speed, increased flow rate and zero leaks. Guaranteed.

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