Teseo modular aluminum piping is heavy duty and high tech innovationHeavy Duty, High Tech Innovation

Teseo’s pipe is squared, an improvement over the standard old school round pipe. This modular aluminum piping design allows us to use our pipe as a heavy duty pressurized structural profile, a feature highly appreciated by OEM customers (for manifolds), engineering and machine builders.

Maximum working pressure is 15 bars (25 bars for AP multifluid), burst is 56 bars! This means that all our pipes and components are tested minimum @ 3.7 times the operative pressure. Profiles and fittings can withstand a –20° +120° C° temperature range. And every joint has more than one screw to prevent mistakes and hazardous events during pressurization.

Teseo modular aluminum piping is low maintenance, green and cost effectiveLow Maintenance, Green and Cost Effective

Every Teseo item is re-usable and every single Teseo part is recyclable. Re-usable means that you can move the entire modular aluminum piping system from one place to another with no problems. Installing and uninstalling the pipes doesn’t affect the quality of the system.

Energy saving: a smooth inner surface means no turbulence, and less pressure drop. Full bore diameter means that Teseo pipes are flowing 30% more than galvanized pipe with same DN. The DUAL O-rings sealing guarantees a zero-leak, perfectly sealed system. Your compressor will run in a year approximately 35% less. This means less electricity and more efficiency.

Clean: Aluminium’s best feature is its resistance to corrosion and rust. This will grant pure compressed air. Treated, pure air entering our system will remain the same, constantly throughout the years. This means less maintenance of filters, regulators and tools, for a truly cost effective piping system.

Teseo's modular aluminum piping system is incredibly lightweight and cost effectiveModular and Lightweight

Teseo’s revolutionary modular aluminum piping system eliminates the need of a specialized worker or welder to extend, integrate or modify it. Assembly requires only an Allen screw and a deburring tool. No special skills needed. No need to paint, thread or weld anything. You can install Teseo’s compressed air or multifluid piping systems with commercial tools available anywhere, in half the time.

Aluminium is 70% lighter than steel, which means that installers don’t need to carry special scissors and lifters during the installation. Less material and tools on site means more safety for workers. A Teseo 4” bar, 5 meters long is only 21 kg. This lightweight feature facilitates faster installation and a more cost effective system.

Every part of Teseo's modular aluminum piping system is guaranteed for 20 Years, cost effective for the long run20 Year Warranty

The Teseo modular aluminium pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, inert gases, fluids and vacuum, is now covered by a 20-year warranty – the longest product assurance available in the manufacturing pipework business sector.

Our 20 year warranty is more than twice as long as our competitors and clear evidence of the quality and reliability of our systems. We are the only manufacturer who can prove this, as Teseo has been at the forefront of modular aluminium pipework systems since 1988 with thousands of installations performing effectively over a 20 year period.

No welding. No threading. No painting.

Teseo delivers an energy efficient, economic solution from compressor to point of use. And we are proud to offer the longest product assurance available in the manufacturing pipework business sector.

Teseo Aluminum Piping is the next generation of distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other pressurized fluids. Applicable to any industrial sector, Teseo produces reduced air speed, increased flow rate and zero leaks. Guaranteed.

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