teseo zero leak aluminum piping is guaranteed for 20 years

Teseo’s zero leak aluminum piping with DUAL O-rings guarantee a perfectly sealed system for 20 years. Run your compressor 35% less with more efficiency and less electricity. Guaranteed.

Teseo AP & HBS Modular Piping

Teseo’s revolutionary zero leak aluminum piping product line results from decades of research and the installation of thousands of distribution systems worldwide. Our aluminum profiles are suitable for both drops and main pipes.

Requiring no special tools or skills, the installation of a Teseo system is quick and easy. The innovative, symmetrical design facilitates the use of all four sides of the piping, which can easily be bent and cut. Teseo offers numerous modular accessories that make AP easily compatible with our HBS series, as well as steel pipes – without threading. Our Teseo AP is much more convenient to mount, and is therefore price competitive with traditional piping systems.

The new generation of “blue” in TESEO is the result of our relentless pursuit for improvement. Our continuous research into Energy Efficiency combined with a high regard for design ensures that Teseo will stay at the forefront of zero leak aluminium piping technology.

The internal passage and thickness of our Teseo piping systems are studied carefully in order to give the best flow rate possible. CNC machine grooves are designed to perfectly fit Teseo’s specially manufactured double blue O-Rings, which are then applied to every fitting for a truly perfect sealing.

Optimization of design shape and weight vastly improves the ergonomics of our systems. Precision is key when manufacturing our components, improving the outer finish and removing defects from die-casting. And thanks to redesigned moulds, real improvement is seen in the quality and accuracy our outlet plates and retaining fittings.

The Teseo engineering team is continuously designing new zero leak aluminum piping products while improving our current systems and seeking for new certifications for international recognition.

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Image of a Drop Column Manifold in a Teseo zero leak aluminum piping system
Image of a Ball Valve in a Teseo zero leak aluminum piping system

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Image of a Multifluid T Joint in a Teseo zero leak aluminum piping system

Teseo AP Multifluid Piping

Teseo’s AP system is the ideal solution for multifluid applications, thanks to our range of fittings and accessories for applications requiring up to 25 bar max pressure. A large variety of fluids can be transported, including compressed air, nitrogen, oils, vacuum and more. The transport of liquids via our zero leak aluminum piping is secure and efficient due to a variety of safety valves, pressure compensators, gauges and check valves.

As temperature rises, liquids expand. Teseo’s innovative pressure release valve will protect your plant and personnel with its dedicated discharge opening through which excess oil is released. Other safety features include tees and elbows, expansion vases to counterbalance water hammer pressure peaks, liquid filled gauges that display operating pressure and check-valves. Various coloured labels easily identify the type of fluid carried in each pipe. Teseo is constantly innovating to increase both savings and safety.

Teseo WBA Workstations

Teseo’s workbench for assembly workstation is specially equipped for assembly work using pneumatic tools. It is constructed of our zero leak aluminum piping with a stout extruded aluminium frame which supports the A.T.S. system. The A.T.S. system consists of a rail on which a trolley runs freely. The trolley has an air outlet and a spring catch. One of the two upright supports of the bench frame is pressurized acting as both a reservoir and a delivery tube.

To complete the system we supply height adjustable feet and cross bars with shelves to which parts bins can be hooked. The whole frame is supplied, partially assembled, in a stout cardboard box. The supply of the simple bench frame represents a valid alternative to the complete bench. It must be fixed to the customer’s existing workbench by means of proper feed.

Teseo AP Home Kits

A truly industrial system, it can be adapted and applied to a range of workplace applications. Aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, durable and infinitely flexible, it will transform your installation … offering a simple solution to trailing hoses.

Teseo AP Kit replaces traditional piping materials and methods with easy and quick to assemble modular aluminium pipe for a safer and more convenient working environment. Easily modified, extended and reused, this entry level product option is based on 2.0 metre pipe lengths and limited to Teseo AP22 pipe profile. Finally, there’s a way to bring Teseo’s zero leak aluminum piping innovation to your home garage or workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teseo AP more expensive?

Teseo Aluminum Piping costs more than others piping products if you look only at the price of the pipe, but our extruded profiles are both a pipe and a structural extrusion with high precision and strict quality check. If you compare a turnkey project with labour included, you’ll realize that we are more than competitive.

Why aren't Teseo pipes blue?

Because we don’t want to use paints on our profiles. We avoid chemicals and want to keep our products “green”. However, stickers to identify the fluids running in the bars are available. Incidentally, colour coding for air pipes is not unified (in Germany they are grey).

Is Teseo piping difficult to install?

Quite the opposite! The only tools needed are a deburring tool and an Allen key. No specialized workers, no welding and no threading. The new Teseo AP line is even quicker and easier to install, like “Lego” blocks.

Don't straight joints reduce the flow?

The restriction is for a short distance, a few centimetres on the total length of 5 meters, too short to affect the total flow, these was widely demonstrated by some tests we did in cooperation with the Labs of the University of Turin.

Why does Teseo piping have so many screws?

Our screws are a strength, literally. They support Teseo’s robust and heavy duty assembly. That said, we dramatically reduced the number of screws in our new AP line, without compromising sturdiness.

How long will the O-Rings last?

Teseo is proud to offer a 20 year warranty on every piece of our piping systems – the longest available in the market – to prove how reliable our technology really is.

Is Teseo a silicon-free system?

Our pipes are silicone free and widely used in big painting lines.

How about grounding?

Due to the fact that we have a metal to metal contact on every straight, T and L joint (and no paint) the only thing we have to do is connect one wire to the ground. Our competitors have to scratch the paint off and do a bridge connection on every single joint.

How many O-Rings are on your joints?

Every single Teseo joint has DUAL O-Rings for perfect, leak-free sealing.

No welding. No threading. No painting.

Teseo has been at the forefront of modular aluminium pipework systems since 1988 with thousands of installations performing effectively over a 20 year period.

Teseo Aluminum Piping is the next generation of distribution systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other pressurized fluids. Applicable to any industrial sector, Teseo produces reduced air speed, increased flow rate and zero leaks. Guaranteed.

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